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Calculate marathon pace and predicted race times based on your shorter race results
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Marathon Pace Calculator

A marathon is a foot race commonly is running long distances such as on roads and trails. Inspired and commemorated by Ancient Greek timesí Pheidippides who is a Greek soldier, who was the messenger from the Battle of Marathon all the way to Athens. Now, it is widely used in contests including the Olympics. More than 500 marathon races are held every year in the world. Most of these races are organized by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races or AIMS.

The best way to win a marathon race is by planning a strategy of your own. In marathons, you canít always run fast to be in first place. If you would do that, then you will consume a lot more glycogen than the usual and will most likely begin to build up lactate. And if you do the opposite which is slower than your usual pace, youíll have to make the remaining distance by running fast. The ideal strategy for pacing would be running in equal splits, captivating into relation the eccentricity of the course you would be running.

If you want to plan ahead on what strategy would work best for you is by combing your predicted race results with your overall training results and use the Marathon Pace Calculator. This calculator is very simple to use yet it is designed through complicated formulas and equations to ensure nearly perfect results. By using the Peter Riegelís formula: t2 =t1 * (d2/d1) ^1.06; t1 = initial time, d1 = initial distance, d2 = new distance being computed, and t2 = new distanceís predicted time. The said equation has carried on fine over time. Theoretically, when the runnerís distance doubles, 6% of the speed is reduced.

Operating the Marathon Calculator is simple and straightforward. Firstly, you begin by entering the distance you have raced, as well as the time you have consumed. Next is inputting your predicted race time. When you click the calculate button, the result will come in with your predicted racing time in order of hours, minutes, as well as seconds. It will also give the result of the advisable target split time in order of minutes and seconds.

For example a runner has run in a 5 kilometer race and finished it in more or less 30 minutes. So he enters it in the calculator. Then he thinks that if he runs faster, the 30 minutes duration would make him finish a 6 kilometer race. And so, he enters it also in the calculator. By clicking the calculate button, the result he would get is the predicted marathon time which is 36 minutes and 24 seconds, and also a target split time of 6 minutes and 4 seconds per kilometer. So if he would want to achieve that distance with the 30 minutes duration, he would then organize an even split time every kilometer.

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